Download Shareit app for Pc by Andyroid for Windows [7, 8, and XP]

Shareit app Download latest version free for all Windows Os:-

Hi Friends, We hope everyone is fine and things are going great. This article is going to give you the simple and efficient steps to get shareit app for Pc by Andyroid Emulator method or simply Andy method. Other methods such a OFFICIAL DOWNLOAD of shareit app and Shareit for Pc by Bluestacks has been already discussed in our site
Shareit app for windows

Shareit app for windows

Shareit app for Pc is an lightning fast file sharing application that allows users to send media files like pictures, music, video and more to another Pc. Though there are other technologies available such as Usb and Bluetooth, the Shareit app for pc has become the most successful application due to its faster file sharing, simple interface and smart working.
Shareit for windows 10 pc

Shareit for windows 10 pc

Shareit app for desktop download for Windows Os- Added key features of the application:-

The application will automatically detect the nearby available devices for file sharing and no initial connecting procedures that makes the operation of shareit app for pc smarter and hence the app is smarter app.

The key success for the shareit app is due to its simple and intuitive interface that make an user friendly appeal.
Shareit app for pc almost transfer files at the faster rate and particularly it is 60 times faster than the Bluetooth technology.Obviously the app is also faster than the Usb connection(Wired connection).
Group sharing option of shareit app for pc lets user to share the files among the groups at a considerable fast rate. No need to send the files individually any more.
The application consumes very less battery power and hence battery life is saved in the smartphones.
Shareit app for various devices

Shareit app for various devices

Download Shareit application for Pc by Andy emulator method for Windows (7, 8 and XP):-

Friends, We hope you are updated with the information regarding the shareit application and now we can go directly to the steps to download the application to your desktop or Laptop operated by all Windows by Andy Emulator method.
shareit for pc by Andy emulator method

shareit for pc by Andy emulator method

  • The first step of this method is to have the Andy Emulator in your Pc. If you don’t have Andy emulator in your Pc then you can download it here. PLAY ANDROID GAMES AND APPS FOR PC.
  • Download the Andy emulator form the above link and follow the instructions and install it to your Pc.
  • Once the application is installed, open it by double clicking the application shortcut which will be available in your desktop.
  • Now the Andy emulator window will get open and you can find the search bar in it
  • Search for Shareit by typing the word in the search bar.
  • You can find the application once the searching is done.
  • Click on that application and add to your desktop.
  • The shareit for pc app will get downloaded and automatically get installed.
  • Now you can access the shareit application in the installed apps section of Andy emulator.

    Click Run

    Click Run

That’s it friends. The steps are so simple and you can understand easily. Now share your files at lightning fast. COOL!!

How to use shareit application- User information:-

Once the application is installed in your device, you can find two things from the pop up menu of the application and they are simply Receive and Send options.
  • If you want to send a file then simple click the Send option and choose the file to be sent and click Ok. That’s it. The application will detect the nearby devices by itself  and the same procedure is applicable while Receiving also.


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